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In 1977, after his intern with the French newspaper „Liberation“, Kuno Kruse founded with others the German daily newpaper “taz“. He was an editor there from 1979 to 1988.

Subsequently he was editor for the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit“ in the Dossier division for nine years. He later joined “Der Spiegel“.

In 2000, he wrote the biography of Sylvin Rubinstein, “Dolores & Imperio“ and the screenplay for the film with the working title “The Dancer and the Major“. He and the cameraman Marian Czura made the documentary film “He Danced Life“.

Kuno Kruse is currently a reporter for “stern“ magazine.

For his excellence in journalism, he has been allocated the most prestigious German press-accolades, the ‘Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Award’, the ‘Theodor-Wolf-Award’ and the Klagenfurter ‘Joseph-Roth-Award’.

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